DOEGrids CA is no longer providing certificate services. All OSG users please visit the New OSG PKI CA to obtain a new certificate.
Open Science Grid
DOEGrids Certificate for OSG Users
  1. This page may be used by members of OSG
    • Who are requesting a new Personal Certificate from DOEGrids
    • Who previously had a certificate from DOEGrid, but have allowed it to expire
  2. Important: Do not use this page to renew your existing valid certificate.
    If you wish to renew your certificate click here.
  3. Please note that this page has been tested and known to work on Firefox. It may or may not work on other browser.
  4. Please import the ESNet and DOEGrids Root CA into your browser
Instructions on how to install/use this certificate.

Should you have questions or comments regarding the process email osg-ra AT OPENSCIENCEGRID.ORG and/or your sponsor.
Your Identity and Contact Information (Required)
Enter values for your complete name and email address.
(* = required field)
* Full name:
*Email address:
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*Your Phone Number:
*Your Virtual Organization:
Sponsor Information (Required)

Make sure to contact your sponsor/PI or your Virtual Organization and inform them that you have applied for this certificate.

If you cannot find your sponsor in the list. Please enter the 'Enter Manually..' option from the list and enter the information manually

A sponsor should personally know you (e.g. advisor, line manager, PI) and can confirm that you have made a certificate request.

*Select Sponsor from List:
*Name of Sponsor (P.I., Supervisor):
*Sponsor's Email:
*Sponsor's Phone Number:
Expired Certificate (Keeping your Old DN) (Optional)
This section is for requestors who previously had a doegrid issued personal certificate that has expired. Some users stongly wish to keep their old DN name. If you wish to keep your old DN please enter the old DN in the text field below. Doing so will pass on your request to your RA-Agent who will make the final decision.

Instruction on how to find the DN from your existing certificate can be found here.
Expired DN (if applicable):
Additional Comments (Optional)
If you have any comments for the person who will process your certificate request, write them here.


  1. Detailed documentation on this page and the process of getting a Certificate can be found here.

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